• Time is more valuable than money, for you can get more money but you can’t get more time”. Our company provides an option of doorstep collection of payment that saves the customer the hassle and time of coming to the office.
  • Some customers may find it difficult to pay the whole amount in a single day, for such customers we have payment options - Daily payment , Weekly payment and monthly payment.
  • Registration receipt will be issued regularly through payment. So, if the customer received the receipt without error, we will not be able to handle the error. without payment receipt not able to possible us company.
  • We accept cash, cheque and online transfers for payment option.
  • The most important point to be noted is we are very flexible when it comes to payment of chit money to the customers compared to any other chit companies. Even before 30 days from the date of auction, chit payment is made to the customers understanding their needs and situation.
  • Compared to other established chit Companies, complaints are very low in our company.
  • THANGARATNA Chit is proud to inform that it has achieved 100% customer satisfaction and not even once there have been a situation where company couldn't pay its customers their money.
  • We are pleased to inform you that our customers get easy guarantee (SURITY) than any other company.

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The prize amount will be given to the prized subscriber within a period of 30 days from the auction date.